Viori Tribe Rewards

  • Can multiple members of my family participate in the rewards program? 

    Yes! Everyone is welcome to participate in Viori Tribe Rewards. The only qualification to participate is to have 1 active subscription item in your account. Each member of your family would need to have their own accounts to participate.
  • Do my points expire? 

    Yes, points do expire. Points will expire 12 months after your last order. For example if you place an order on January 1st 2022 then your points will expire January 1st of 2023. If you order again in the year 2022 your points expire 12 months after your last order. All points expire at the sam...
  • How do I earn rewards points?

    Start by signing up! For every order with Viori, you will earn points per dollar spent. Please note that if you are purchasing single purchase bars or additional items you must be logged into your account at checkout in order to collect rewards on your order. Rewards cannot be added to your acco...
  • How do I use my reward points? 

    You can use your rewards points by redeeming rewards or applying the points at checkout!
  • I completed an activity and I don’t see my points in my account.

    Please allow for up to 24 hours for points to update in your account upon earning non purchase necessary points. IE. following us on social media or referring a friend.
  • What if I was already a rewards member?

    Thank you for being a loyal member of the Viori Tribe. All past points acquired under our original referral program will be transferred into our new Viori Tribe rewards program!
  • What is the difference between activity points and purchase points? 

    When you complete an activity with us that does not include a purchase such as following us on social media, or subscribing to email notifications. Those points take 24 hours for points to appear. And purchase points are points earned per dollar spent that take 30 days for the points to be added ...
  • What is the difference between the original program and the new Viori Tribe Rewards Program?

    The most major difference between the two programs is on our new program you earn rewards points for every dollar spent with us. On the original rewards program you could only earn points from signing up and referrals. Now we have revamped the program so that you can earn points on every dollar y...
  • What is the Viori Tribe Rewards Program?

    Viori Tribe Rewards is our new rewards program. Beginning on June 1st 2022. After speaking with many customers, about our original program, we decided to rework and re-launch our rewards program to create an overall experience for you as a Viori customer! Our team has worked hard to change and up...