Referral Program

  • What is an ambassador? How do I become an ambassador?

    A Viori ambassador is an individual that has been approved to market Viori products through representing the company and earning commissions by sharing our products. To apply for the Viori Ambassador program, please fill out the application found here:
  • How do I earn commission as an ambassador? When and how will commission be paid to ambassadors?

    Ambassadors make a 15% commission on orders placed with their code or link. Commission is made for the first order on subscriptions, subsequent orders are not eligible for commission. Codes and links are available on an unlimited basis for sharing but can only be used by each recipient once. Amba...
  • How can I check my Ambassador account?

    Upon acceptance into the Ambassador program, you will be sent an email with a link to access your ambassador account. If you need additional help with this account, please email for additional assistance.