How do you source your ingredients so that they are sustainable?

We actually know the Red Yao villagers personally. We buy rice directly from the rice terrace gardens that they have been cultivating for nearly 2,000 years. It is all grown naturally and sustainably. All other ingredients are either natural or naturally derived. We work directly with each of the suppliers to make sure they provide us with certification that the ingredients were bought from responsible sources ie products are vegan, no animal testing, eco-friendly, sustainable manufacturing processes. The wholesale suppliers we are currently working with are trying to maintain the same standards we are, so that makes it easier.

For our other ingredients, we spend a lot of time vetting and interrogating our suppliers for certificates and proof of how they are sourcing their ingredients. Our goal is to source cruelty-free, sustainable, and fair-trade level ingredients. We try to work with the brands of the most reputable and proven ingredients out there.

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