Bamboo Holder FAQs

What are the bamboo holders for?
The bamboo holders are designed to hold the bars and allow them to air out and dry between washes in order to prevent mold or disintegration.

Bamboo Holder Tutorial:



Do the conditioner bars fit inside the bamboo holders?
Yes the conditioner bar does fit in a bamboo holder, even with it's square shape. We recommend one bar per holder. You can see an example of that on the product listing here: Bamboo holder with conditioner

Do I need to do anything to prep the bamboo holders?
Because we are trying to be an eco friendly company, the bamboo holders are untreated from chemicals. They take a little extra love to care for them to prevent molding. For starters, they need to be placed in a spot away from any direct water contact or even too much steam. And because heat rises, it’s best to keep them as low as possible. If you have a shower curtain, a great spot is tucking them behind the curtain which will help protect them from excess water contact.  Taking them out to wipe them down every now again definitely helps as well.

How To Cure:
Curing the holders will be the most effective technique when preventing mold.  The easiest option is to soak them in olive oil/cooking oil and let them sit in the oven for ~30 minutes.
Here is a link to the tutorial on how to do that:

Other options for curing is using a third-party wood sealant or protectant.  Here are a few recommended products available:

These protectants will come with their own instructions to follow.

Can I use one holder for both bars?
We recommend one holder per bar so the bars can air out properly. 😊

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