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Cruelty Free?
Yes, we are cruelty-free! We are officially cruelty-free certified through Leaping Bunny. This is an important value to us and this certification proves that. :)

All Natural?
All of our ingredients are natural or derived from natural sources. On the Think Dirty platform, our bars would be rated a 0 meaning our ingredients are completely free of substances or chemicals that are harmful to you or the planet.

PH Balanced?
Our shampoo product's pH level is around 5.0. One of the main things that will ruin your hair while using shampoo is when the pH level of your product is unbalanced or too high. Hair products need to have a pH level between 4.0 - 6.0. Many products on the market tend to lean more alkaline, 8.0 pH or higher. These products will dry out and eventually damage your hair long term. That is why we always make our products around 5.0 pH, to keep your hair healthy and strong.


Paraben Free?


Sustainable and Ethically Sourced?
Yes!  Feel free to contact us at to get more detailed information on this :)

We’ve had a lot of great feedback from our users with color-treated hair as you can see from our reviews, however, it does depend on the quality of color used. If you use some sort of toner, semi-permanent dye, or box dye there are heavy metals and chemicals in those so chemical reactions of all sorts are expected. We would recommend using a permanent dye so the color penetrates the cuticle and locks in. Especially where with bars you have to use friction, that's opening the cuticle which can let out color if the color is not permanent. Use at your own risk. Viori is not responsible for any color stripping or unwanted results related with color.

Because our products are in bar form, we recommend getting a lather in your palm and work it through your hair with your hands rather than rubbing the bar directly on your head. This will help preserve your color better. Let us know if you have any more questions!

Feb 3, 2022

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