Ingredient Questions - Are your products ... ?

All of our ingredients are natural or derived from natural sources. On the Think Dirty platform, our bars would be rated a 0 meaning our ingredients are completely free of substances or chemicals that are harmful to you or the planet.

Gluten Free?
Yes, they are!

Yes, our products are considered non-gmo. We are working on a current certification for that.

We only work with suppliers who are ethical in their sourcing and produce organic ingredients. We are currently working on getting some organic certifications!

Silicone Free?
Our bars are silicone free.😊

Preservative Free?
We don't use any synthetic preservatives. Sodium lactate in our bars acts like a natural preservative, but bars do not need preservatives. Because they dry out they are self-preserving. You could store these for 3-5 years and have no problem.

Alcohol Free?
The alcohols that are found in our products are actually natural, fatty alcohols that come from vegetable sources. These natural, fatty alcohols actually have the exact opposite effect that your stereotypical, synthetic alcohols have on your hair. Synthetic alcohols actually dry out your hair and scalp and cause your scalp to overproduce oil. Natural, fatty alcohols like what we have in our products actually moisturize and condition your hair. Many people see the word "alcohol" and immediately think this is bad, it is just not the case. We put natural, fatty alcohols in our products to help moisturize and condition in a natural, healthy way.

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