Hair Porosity

Hair Porosity:
Is your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture..

How to figure out your hair porosity:
There is a quick and easy test to see if your hair has high, medium, or low porosity. Here are the steps to do it:
*Brush your hair.
*Take a strand of your hair after brushing and set it in a glass of water.
-If your strand floats, you have low porosity hair.
-If your strand stays in the middle of the glass, then it is medium porosity.
-If your strand sinks to the bottom of the glass, you have high porosity hair.

Low Porosity:
Low porosity hair has difficulty absorbing any moisture or protein into it, and can actually repel that moisture. This makes this hair type more prone to product buildup, and makes it hard to chemically process and style.
We recommend that you use products that are lighter and more cleansing. This would include our Citrus Yao shampoo and conditioner bars. We also recommend that you stay away from heavy oils, and leave in conditioners.

High Porosity:
High porosity hair easily absorbs products and moisture into it. Although, it has trouble retaining it! This indicates that the hair strand is dry, or damaged.
We recommend that you use products that provide maximal protein and moisture. This would include our Terrace Garden, Hidden Waterfall, or Native Essence bars! We also recommend that you use our conditioner bar as a leave in treatment, be gentle with heat styling and chemical treatments, as well as a wide toothed comb!

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