How did Viori get started?

In 2019, Viori founders traveled to an ancient village high upon the rice terraced mountains of Longsheng. While wandering this ancient village, they met the local Red Yao tribe who had lived in these rice mountains for centuries. They kept noticing that all the women had beautiful, long, jet black hair, without a single strand of white hair. Even the women as “mature” as 80 years old. Confused, they asked the Red Yao women to tell them how they had preserved their hair like this for so long. One of the women took them by the arm to a nearby wooden hut. When they had all sat down, she pointed to a bowl on the ground that was filled with a milky, white liquid. She explained that ever since they were little, after harvesting the rice from the Longsheng mountains, their mothers would wash and prepare it for the day. In a special ritual, they would ferment the rice for several days. When the rice was ready, they would take the newly formed liquid and wash their hair with it. And that was their secret. That day, Viori was born.

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